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About CCI

We have been operating in Pakistan since 2009 and providing our professional services to industry wide clients. Over the years we have not only grown in size and experience but as a business having expertise in areas of HR Consulting, Market Intelligence & Retail Solutions.

As a consulting company our primary role has always been to assist our clients to identify their needs, provide customizable solutions and develop action plans to facilitate change and enhance the success of their organization. Our focus is on giving you the clarity to make the right decisions but more importantly, our perspective begins at eye level – with a clear understanding of your business, the way you work, your goals and challenges.

Our Mission

To become your strategic partner in the business consultancy services to provide the best resources for your business needs and to offer a range of support services to executives to realize their potential.

Our Core Values

We have defined four core values that help us to realize our mission in the right way. We believe that Innovation, Collaboration, Capability and Integrity can help us to stay true to ourselves and realize our mission. These values are at the heart of our words and actions.


By being creative, agile and entrepreneurial we can make a difference. Because in this ever-changing world with its constantly shifting demands innovation is the key to success. We love to take the road less travelled to find new opportunities.


We believe people can truly strengthen each other. Together with our customers, we can get the best results. Teamwork drives our success.


The heart of company? Our people! We encourage and support all CCI employees to bring out the best for our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Because people make the difference.


Honest, responsible, trustworthy–this is how we do business. Good business simply starts with good manners–that’s why we sealed ours in our Code of Conduct forever. Because solid relations are built on trust. It’s what we can be held accountable for by our customers. CCI is proud of its royal distinction.


You know your people challenges but sometimes you need help. We can help to define and deliver the solution. We work in partnership with our clients to define the scope of work. Having worked with various industry clients providing HR Services & Support, we have seen most people-related challenges before and we have solutions for each of them. We are experts in HR services. We cover all of the core areas of HR as well as the specialist HR areas. Feel free to browse through the services as below:


We help our clients to navigate the turbulent and ever-expanding business environment,offering crucial external business information and expertise in its efficient management and utilization. We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning. Feel free to browse through the services as below:

Retail Solutions

The retail environment is undergoing a seismic shift. Even major luxury retail brands are slashing their workforce and closing doors in response to new retail challenges. Feel free to browse through the services we provide as below:

Our Clients

Brands & Companies we have trained and worked with

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