As a Market Intelligence company we have been providing mystery shopping, back checking and research solutions to our clients for the last few years. But with change in technological advancements and gadgetry we have incorporated the use of Digital Solutions to our Market Intelligence services. Therefore by combining our digital solutions and traditional research methodologies, we are able to better track and monitor Sales Force Management, Brand Activation, Rural and Urban activities, and more importantly consumer contacts at your POS.

Our Digital reports are generated in Real Time to update you with the latest on ground realities. Through technology we can help you monitor areas where physical reach is not possible but you need eyes on the ground, where you need 24 hours surveillance or even Audio and Video support to help you better plan your marketing events, or manage your corporate sales force.

At present we are providing the following solutions:

  • Tracking Solutions from Personal Trackers to Vehicle Trackers (Non Commercial use) only customized for a Clients specific need.
  • Outlet monitoring solutions for Retail Management.
  • Sales Management Solutions for managing your sales team performance.
  • IP Cameras for Live Video and Audio Support on your Floats or Rural Activation etc.

  • The importance of knowing what is happening in store now rather than finding out at the end of an activity period if the correct POS were either not displayed or ever made it to store, is often the difference between success and failure.

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