The goal of doing Research is to equip an organization with the information they need to make informed business decisions about their products, services or understanding consumer behaviors. Therefore at CCI we feel that Market Research is important for every business, and should not be just a one-off activity.

At CCI we help businesses to conduct research on a continual basis to keep up with the latest market trends and to maintain their competitive edge. We have been conducting Market Research for the following areas:

Identify potential & Understand existing customers:

Basic knowledge of Who is to use your product/service? What is the Social Class? What are the Demographics? What are our existing customers feedback? What do they value? Who/What influence their buying decisions etc.

Setting realistic targets:

Research also helps us to identify what information or statistics are required or preferred for our Product or service to succeed in this competitive market. The information you collect will help you to set realistic targets for areas such as growth, sales and the introduction of new products/services.

Develop effective strategies and business expansion:

Effective research will help you to make informed marketing decisions about how to price your product/service, what changes to bring in the current products/services or how to further expand your consumer reach, ATL/BTL etc.

Identify business opportunities:

Most importantly Market research helps to identify new business opportunities. You may find different segments which you may not have explored yet. Such as expansion in Rural or Urban cities, towns etc. An analysis of changing market trends always brings new opportunities.

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