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What Engage is all about

CCI ‘Engage’ is a powerful App based solution which is industry's first Employee Engagement application. This application is a platform which is ideal for organizations to connect with their employees even if they are working remotely. No need to buy expensive software or build a custom app for your business. Just download and create your company account and start adding your employees for as low are $4 dollars a month. Pricing details below.

Attendance Management & Geo Location Tracking

All employees nationwide can mark their attendance through this application remotely using their cell phones. Biometric/Facial Recognition, User Snapshot and Geo Location tagging are 3 forms of verification that make this a secure application sign-up.

KPI Data Management

Through this application employees will be able to upload their data all in Real Time. The KPI can be customized as per the Clients requirement. This app also allows you to upload Picture data.

Dashboards & Customized Reports

All data that is gathered through this application can be customized for reports and statistics as per client requirement. The access of this App data is provided through a Web Portal/Dashboard that is viewable by Management/HR where you can log-in access reports related to Attendance, Geo Location Tracking, KPI reports, etc.

Create Individual Employee Accounts

Employees can create their account with their own Log-In ID and Password by registering in the Application. All employees will be further tagged to their respective designations, Departments/branches/regions etc.

Multiple Modules

You can customize modules that are specific to your company requirements to improve the functionality.

Admin Dashboards

Managers can access the system as i(Head Office/Departments/ Regions etc.) and can create, delete amend, update Employee Schedules for managing employees overall or for their Departments/region etc.

Product Functionality

CCI 'Engage' Mobile App can be run through Android platforms with access on web for Admin Management through web portal.

 Mobile CRM

Web Platform

Access the web portal to approve employees, review attendance records, data and statistics through an easy to navigate Dashboard.

 Mobile CRM


The staff will be able to run the application on the mobile as per their smartphone operating system.

Simple pricing with real savings

Create your company account for free and buy as many licenses as you want on Monthly User Per Month basis. Accelerate your business growth with our digital platform without having to invest in building the technology!


Forever Free

Basic App for self-employed & single-users account.

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Use the App to manage your employees for any business.

$4.00  Single user, per month

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Customized solution with company logo and a dedicated account manager.

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Flexible Enough to Automate any Field Operations

This app can be used by any organization with a field operations. Automate your teams Attendance, GPS Location, Data Collections and more…

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