TNA – Managerial Level


Thank you for participating in TNA. All results will be kept confidential and would be used for training and development purpose only. Please fill it carefully as your skills will assessed on basis of this survey.


Employee Name
Cell No.

Step 3 - SKILLS ASSESSED (Part 1)

Note: Please rate on the scale of 1-4, from 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest.

Use plans to manage your day

Make plans that are clear and realistic

Maintain a balance between overall “big picture” and day-to-date needs and activities

Deal with higher priority problems and tasks first

Establish effective and efficient process for getting work done

Set daily goals; prepares daily “to do” lists

Maintain a well-organized and orderly work space

Process timely reports

Promptly returns phone calls or responds to email requests

To what extent are you sure that you are professionally dressed at workplace

I am always on time at office

Giving others direct, constructive feedback which can be used to achieve goals

Leading people and allocating tasks to achieve goals

Empowering others to achieve results and holds them accountable for actions

Motivating others in order to reach organizational goals

Step 3 - SKILLS ASSESSED (Part 2)

Influencing others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement, or behavior change

Product knowledge within my responsibility area.

Research and get information about prospective and existing clients and competitors

Questioning skills, ascertaining and developing client needs and key issues

Develop solutions with and for clients understanding and using USP's.

Close and complete projects/assignments.

Competitor research and awareness.

Strive for new skills, knowledge, experience and personal development.

Take personal responsibility to resolve problems, even those not of my own making.

Self-starter, self-motivated, keeping focused and productive.

Plan how to achieve my business and personal goals.

Manage upwards and sideways (my managerial superiors and my peers).

Come up with recommendations and suggestions, more than asking for answers.

I always seek to continuously improve upon what I do and how I do it.

Treat individuals fairly

Step 3 - SKILLS ASSESSED (Part 3)

Develop and maintain good, cooperative working relationship with others

Consider the opinions and feelings of others when presenting their own ideas

Get along well with co-workers/peers

Recognize and deal with problems between individuals and groups

Address conflict and discuss the real reasons underlying them

Conducting regular meetings with direct reports to discuss performance and achievement of objectives

Recognizing and rewarding people for doing their best

Keep co-workers and superiors informed about department and company activities

Conducting effective and efficient meetings

Telephone dealing with clients, candidates/ field employees

Listen willingly to subordinate concerns

Listen willingly to disagreements from subordinates without interrupting

Listen well to others in a group situation, conveying understanding and acceptance

Speak effectively in front of a group

Facilitate communication through effective questioning

Step 3 - SKILLS ASSESSED (Part 4)

Use clear and understandable INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION

State views concisely and logically when speaking with individuals and with groups

How familiar are you with Power point presentations

How familiar are you with Excel Reports

How familiar are you with Outlook Emails

Handle highly stressful and pressure-laden situations effectively

Deal constructively with their own failures and mistakes

Admit own mistakes and respond openly to the ideas of others

Demonstrate awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses

Ambition to advance in career

Persist at a task despite unexpected difficulties

Work long hours willingly when required

Seek increased responsibility on the job

Make good & timely decisions based on adequate information

Consider alternative solutions before making decisions

Step 3 - SKILLS ASSESSED (Part 5)

Get good input before making decisions

Work capably with large amounts of information

Get the most out of available resources (people, materials, equipment, etc.)

Produce high quality work

Get a lot accomplished

Overall, I am a productive leader


How would you rate your knowledge on the following Health and safety Concerns?

CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

First aid

Slips, trips and falls

Hazards and its types

Near miss incident

Accident handling

Defensive driving

Prevention from heat stroke

Firefighting techniques

Emergency drill

I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.