As companies focus more and more towards various modes of Marketing they also expand their reach towards rural areas. According to research companies spend million and billions on ATL & BTL Activation’s. Hence at the end of the day the question arises that how effective these campaigns are. We believe that there is always a gap between what is expected and what is delivered.

Quality Assurance is one such tool that provides organizations with the opportunity to elevate the standards for consistently safe, high-quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious marketing activities.

CCI has been providing Quality Assurance – Back Checking services to FMCGs and other industry wide clients for a while. Normally known as Back Checking in Pakistan our Quality Assurance Professional (QAP) Teams visits clients locations nationwide and conduct audits for such on ground activation’s.

Through Back Checking we can monitor some activities as mentioned below:
  • Door to Door Selling DDS
  • Home Gathering (Mohallah Activity)
  • School Activities
  • Free Sampling
  • Float and Stall Activation
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Retail Activation’s
    Back Checking Tool provides many insights to the organization. Some of the major areas are highlighted as below:
  • Analyzing and assessing the overall all activity campaign and its reach
  • Conforming to clients activity standards and controls
  • Compliance to HSE standards
  • Timely execution of activity at stated locations
  • For a detailed proposal on how we can provide QA-Back Checking customized solutions to cater to your business need please feel free to Contact Us.