Employee Engagement – Instructions

Employee Engagement Instructions

Dear Participant, You have been invited to this employee engagement survey where you will be asked a series of questions relating to your work location, business unit, length of service, etc. Please choose the response that best represents you. Each question requires a response which can be answered by selecting the corresponding rating for your response. There are five ratings available, “1 = Strongly agree” to “5 = Strongly disagree”.

We urge all participants to provide constructive feedback. For that reason we encourage you to avoid using the “4 = Neither agree or disagree” rating wherever possible. In some cases though you may find it difficult to choose a rating on a particular question. For example, if you haven’t had sufficient time in your organization to form an opinion then, in that situation you are best to respond with “4 = Neither agree or disagree”.

Remember, your first or instinctive answer is probably the most appropriate.

Thank you and you may begin by clicking the Take Survey Button!

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