Step 1 - Instructions

Note: This is a compulsory report. Please fill it out right after you have completed your visit. All questions need to be answered and your survey will not be submitted till each area is filled. For any queries/issues please contact your Regional Manager.

You will be required to attach shopping receipt and audio recording in step 4.

Step 2 - Store and MS Information

MS Name

Step 3 - Questionaire

Section A - Planogram & Cleanliness Of Kiosk

A1 - Did the kiosk/counter have an inviting feel, e.g. clean and free of dust, not cluttered or disorganized

A2 - Were all the products placed as per the planogram. (Details of planogram in training manual)

A3 - Was the counter well stocked, with no gaps or missing facings?

Section B - Appearance & Communication


B1 - Black uniform

B2 - Uniform Clean/tidy/ well pressed


B3 - Black Pumps & Skin coloured socks

B4 - Pearl earrings / one ring / wrist watch and nose pin (if they wear it)

B5 - Company badge


B6 - Face: Clean look

B7 - Lips: Coral/tangy lipstick

B8 - Nails: Clean, equal length, in case of nail polish the color may be coral/orange/tangy. Otherwise just a clear top coat


B9 - Hairstyle: Side twist and back bun / Black Scarf (If they wear it)


B10 - Eye Contact

B11 - Smiled Friendly and used polite tone

B12 - Good Posture

Section C - Interception and Pitch


C1 - Did the BA intercept Shopper

C2 - Did the BA greet you properly, say Hello and welcome to Artdeco/Misslyn, etc

C3 - Do you know about Artdeco? (sales pitch - 8 years) (German Brand)


C4 - Did she ask about customer's need

C5 - Did she ask you about skin Type (Dry, Oily, Combination)

Recommendation & Demonstration

C6 - BA recommend appropriate product according to need and skin type

C7 - BA shared tips and techniques for makeup application

C8 - BA offered to demonstrate

C9 - BA told about product name and range

C10 - BA explained products "main" ingredient

C11 - BA told about other brand Products (Misslyn)

Closure and Thanks

C12 - Told about the combination of products to make +1 sale

C13 - Thank you and visit again

Step 4 - Attachments (Required)

Attach picture of Receipt
Attach Audio Recording

I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. In case of any wrong information provided, my visit will be rejected.