Managing With Authority

Experiential Learning & Team Building

The Managing with Authority course is designed for the people holding managerial and/or supervisory positions whose jobs involve giving job-related orders & instructions, making decisions and organizing

Most managers have less formal authority than they need to carry out their responsibilities. Effective, innovative managers know how to use informal and indirect authority to influence key stakeholders: the boss, peers, associates, customers, suppliers, and staff.

This training will show you how to expand your power and positive influence beyond your formal authority in order to get the job done. Learn to understand the sources of informal power and develop the persuasive skills necessary to lead.

Objectives of the Training:

  • Explain the concepts of authority, power, and responsibility as well as their relation with each other.
  • Describe some methods of establishing and strengthening power.
  • Describe some strategies of influence.
  • Use power to manage effectively.

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