Developing a Service Culture through FISH Philosophy!

Experiential Learning & Team Building

Since many employees spend around 9-12 hours a day at their job, their organization’s culture obviously affects both their work lives as well as their personal lives for the good or the bad. Inadvertently the Service Culture is also effected and the beliefs, ideologies, principles and values of these individuals also change accordingly.

CCI has designed a special course which is adopted from the famous Fish Philosophy for building exceptional Service Culture for the organization. This training is a one-day training that empowers all teams to embrace the FISH! Philosophy and build a highly effective customer service culture across all departments within your organization.

This training course teaches best-practice methods on how to professionally serve customers, how to treat other co-workers and how to become more proactive in creating a more effective environment in your workplace. This course leads to a more engaged workplace, lowers employee turnover, raises productivity, cultivates imagination and creativity, instills a fun-filled spirit, motivates others to do their tasks well, creates trust and develop relationships and communication in the workplace.

A detailed proposal can be provided by our Consultants to cater to your need at the earliest. Contact Us today for more details.

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