Create a Coaching Leadership Style to Unleash Potential

Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches but by developing a ‘coaching leadership style’ they can unleash potential in their organization. Coaching for Effective Leadership Development is the industry gold standard coaching training for authentic leadership and outstanding results in organizations.

CCI has customized this training program to address the common issues faced by our corporate managers in developing executives against the ever growing list of skillsets required to carry out the job. This is a 2 day program covering 2 modules with 1 : 1 coaching and experiential learning which will develop a coaching style of leadership within the managers. From analyzing the cause of subpar performance to creating a climate for effective employee coaching and learning…from giving corrective feedback to handling difficult responses to coaching. Participants will leave this two-day training as Leaders for Change.

A detailed proposal can be provided by our Consultants to cater to your need at the earliest. Contact Us today for more details.

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