Bridging the Gap for Retail

Experiential Learning & Team Building

As a business we are always wanting our customers to “Choose us! Choose us!”. We brand. We advertise. We craft creative campaigns over media channels and we orchestrate social media initiatives saying “Pick me! Pick me!”. But all this can go to vain if we do not take effective measures to ensure the customer experience is matching our aspiration of being the number #1.

No matter how much money your marketing departments invest in branding the organization, your business may be left on the sidelines unless you have a clear plan that boosts employees’ product knowledge, establishes customer service standards and real accountability.

From experience we know that most of the marketing campaigns do get customers to visit our outlets or service centers but your team may not be well equipped to respond appropriately. Frontline employees are the last to know about marketing initiatives, and are frequently ill-equipped to respond effectively when asked about products and services.

It takes an organization-wide effort to capitalize on every opportunity. Marketing’s job is to create those opportunities, while the job of frontline staff is to capture the sale. If there alignment and synergy is not present then your efforts will fall short and opportunities will be missed which in turn causes reputational damage.

To help organizations CCI provides the right tools for Customer Experience management. Our retail experience helps us to use these tools to assess the frontline experience versus the organizational standards. We conduct Mystery Shopping for industry wide clients and help them deliver valuable feedback. From this feedback we recommend organizations with Retail Sales training programs that actually help the organization to bring about the changes they need to get ahead.

Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your sales figures by running a customized training and customer experience management program.

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