Experiential Learning & Team Building

Experiential Learning & Team Building

It’s fair to say that life is a series of experiences, sometimes good and sometimes bad but the consistency of these experiences is that we use them to gather knowledge. Our everyday knowledge is a result of what we have learnt from previous experiences, this is the simplest form of learning which is why CCI promotes Experiential Learning.

Through experiential learning, CCI team building activities provide an excellent medium for learning on a level playing field, irrespective of individuals’ career level, age or ability. Our activities provide the opportunity for teams to tackle a task / challenge individually or within a team within certain timelines.

We provide Indoor & Outdoor Activities which are an ideal means of creating a non threatening experience outside the usual working environment, as people become absorbed in the task really quickly, which provides facilitators with the opportunity to draw out significant learning points right away.

Taking part in an activity together creates the opportunity for the team to reflect on their performance during the task and therefore consider how they might improve in order to tackle the next activity more efficiently. This technique of complete, learn, improve and repeat shows individuals how they can improve to complete the task more efficiently next time, and the skills that they are learning in this process transfer straight back to the office environment, including communication, team work, trust and identification of certain strengths. With these skills in mind the task will be completed more efficiently.

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Teams that possess the ability to retain focus and thrive under pressure in hostile, challenging environments are the teams that succeed in delivering consistent, powerful results.

How do i get this for my company?

Whether you are looking to reward and motivate your team, need to develop the proven skill-set and leadership abilities of high performance teams, or hone and challenge your teams’ physical and mental fitness, we have a solution to suit you.

A detailed proposal can be provided by our Consultants to cater to your need at the earliest. Contact Us today for more details.