CCI HR Consulting is dedicated to the Human Resources profession across Pakistan since last 8 years. Headquartered in Karachi, we enjoy strong links to the various multinational and local companies, where we partner directly with both business leaders and HR Heads. Working flexibly across the nation to provide these companies with the best Talent, deliver customized Soft Skill trainings and providing solutions and tools for Employee Engagement within these companies is our core function. We help build Human Resources leadership teams across a variety of locations and across all industry sectors.

2016 has been a growth year for CCI where we have introduced Online Surveys which is helping organization to assess their employee potential. Companies have been able to identify critical feedback required by them and employees have been able to improve their job satisfaction levels. Another major benefit for companies has been to infuse positive energy in the workplace by showing their commitment to their employees.

As a Consulting company we always look for valuable feedback and support from our customers and in turn can help them achieve success in their roles to enhance productivity by providing them with customized solutions. Therefore I request you to take some time out to reach one of our HR Consultants and discuss how we may be able to help you in making your organizations stronger and better. Contact Us today for more details!