TNA – Training Need Assessment by CCI


A diagnostic tool that helps organizations to determine what kind of training is required by your employees for your organizational growth. This tool helps the HR department to develop a strong Learning and Development culture within your organization. The TNA will provide you with training areas required to be conducted to help individuals and the organization accomplish their goals and objectives.

This is an assessment that looks at employee and organizational knowledge, skills, and abilities, to identify any gaps or areas of need. Once the training needs are identified, then you need to determine/develop objectives to be accomplished by the training. These objectives will form criteria for measures of success and utility.

CCI provides this tool for organizations to conduct it Online so that it saves organizational time and money as employees can access it from anywhere through any tech medium such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. Results from this TNA can be complied within 24 hours and the data statistics can be shared with the organization inform of customized employee, group, team, region and nationwide reports.

Call us today to discuss how you can take this TNA at a fraction of the cost, how we can design this TNA as per your company, employee requirements. Our consultants will be happy to share the information and may even provide you with a free demo. Contact Us today for more details.