Employee Engagement Survey by CCI


Employee engagement is critical for success. Feeling motivated, valued and connected to the organization enhances employee productivity and organizational effective growth. Such engagement improves customer services and most importantly impacts positively on staff retention levels and bottom line.

Why Employee Engagement?

Organizations that practice different forms of Employee Engagement benefit by developing highly engaged employees who invest a lot of energy in their work – be it physical, mental or emotional. Such employees become deeply absorbed in their jobs making it hard to pull themselves away. They tend to find new ways to contribute to their team’s and organization’s success. Going beyond what is typically expected or required of them and eagerly embracing their company’s business goals by overcoming any challenges that they deal with along the way.

Companies certainly benefit from each employee’s engagement, but they benefit most when they have a highly engaged workforce investing effort, focus and enthusiasm day after day, week after week and year upon year.

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CCI conducts Employee Engagement surveys Online for various companies. This has helped them to assess employee engagement in terms of how many employees are engaged with the company, its culture and with their job. The survey can be further customized to measure:

  • Level of motivation, involvement, or emotional commitment
  • Team working ethics
  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Company values etc.
  • We offer the option to tailor the questionnaire to your organizations specific needs, Contact Us today to discuss a proposal for your organizations employee engagement.